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Welcome to Our Sleep Community! In this space, we chat about tips for better sleep, even if you work shifts. We also discuss understanding why some of us struggle to sleep (like with insomnia or sleep apnea) and how sleep affects our mood and how we feel. We share ways to make sure we get enough good-quality sleep.

Well I dont know if this will work for everybody, but a good workout session in the morning, an entire day of brainstorming @ work, and an early dinner should do the trick. Plus if you can picture a happy place in your mind lying in the darkness, that’s equal to meditation slipping into sleep-trans, I would say ! Whats your thing people?

Hello jayshreeonline,

Thank you for sharing your routine for feeling your best. It’s wonderful to learn how you balance physical activity, mental stimulation at work, and relaxation techniques like visualizing a happy place to enhance your overall well-being.