Are there any vitamins that help hair growth?

Absolutely! Vitamin D helps create new hair follicles, and Vitamin B12 promotes healthy blood flow to nourish them. Eating a balanced diet is key!

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Vitamins like Vitamin D, Vitamin B5, B6, B12, and Biotin stimulate hair growth and reduce hail fall. These vitamins are available abundantly in our daily dietary intake and also available in the form of supplements.

Hi JanVi,

Yes, you are right, our hair health is closely linked to what we eat. That’s why a balanced diet rich in certain vitamins can be a major plus for healthy hair growth.

1. Vitamin D: This sunshine vitamin helps create new hair follicles, promoting thicker, stronger hair.

  • Source of food: Fatty fish, eggs, mushrooms and sunlight exposure.

2. B Vitamins (B5, B6, B12, & Biotin): These B beauties work together to support healthy blood flow to the scalp, which nourishes hair follicles and encourages growth.

  • Source of food: Leafy green vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, whole grains.