Are There Specific Foods or Beverages Known to Trigger or Soothe Nausea?

Certain foods, like ginger, peppermint, and crackers, may help soothe nausea. However, triggers vary among individuals. Adopting a bland diet, staying well-hydrated, and identifying personal triggers can contribute to effective nausea management.

Smelling a lemon or just licking on a sliced lemon will soothe nausea. This did work for me whenever I felt nauseous. However, this is subjective, and for some, this may not work. But trust me, try smelling a lemon whenever your neurological system triggers nausea in you, you’ll think of this comment. Thank me later.

Hi JanVi,

Thank you for sharing your personal experience with using lemon to soothe nausea. We appreciate you sharing this tip, as it might benefit others experiencing similar symptoms. Let’s continue to support each other in exploring natural remedies and finding what works best for our well-being.

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