During second sitting of RCT, the canal is bleeding. Why?


What could be the reason for bleeding canal after one sitting of RCT?

Generally, bleeding after first setting RCT can be due to incomplete cleaning of the root canal, or already existing infection, also if there are any blood vessels closer to the root canal there can be bleeding. In addition, the RCT procedure itself can cause trauma sometimes and there might be bleeding. However, this is nothing to worry about and the dentist will fix it effectively.

Hello JanVi,

Thank you for sharing your insights into potential causes of bleeding after a root canal treatment (RCT).

Usually, root canals don’t bleed. But if you get one and then start bleeding, that’s not cool. It might mean something’s up, like a re-infection or the root canal didn’t go as planned. Feeling some pain and swelling for a couple of days after a root canal is normal, but bleeding isn’t on the menu. If you notice blood, it’s time to visit your dentist ASAP.