How Can I Support Someone With Depression?

To help somone is really imporatnt to listen them without judgment, educate yourself about depression, offer practical help, encourage professional assistance, check in regularly, avoid minimizing their feelings, promote self-care, respect boundaries, be patient, and include them in social activities.

Hi everyone! I have been through such turmoil. I have seen my dad in deep depression.
I stayed close to Dad during tough times, chatting often and showing him love. We did things together, keeping him busy and distracted. I made sure he knew we were a team, never letting him feel alone. Repeatedly, I reminded him that brighter days were ahead, refusing to let him believe it was all over.
It takes time… but it really helps. We also took help from psychiatric doctors. Today my dad is a happy and healthy person. I feel like a winner to have passed those times.

Hello AB_smile,

Thank you for sharing your uplifting story. Your dedication to your dad’s well-being is commendable, and it’s fantastic to hear about his positive transformation.

In addition to your supportive efforts, consider incorporating enjoyable activities into his routine, like walks or hobbies. Keep fostering open communication, celebrating small victories, and cherishing moments of joy together.

Your journey is an inspiration, and this community is here for ongoing support. Wishing you and your dad continued happiness and good health.

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