How Do You Treat Insomnia?

Lifestyle changes, like better sleep habits, can help with short-term insomnia. Setting a consistent bedtime, avoiding naps, using your bed only for sleep, and creating a comfy sleep space can all make a difference. Therapy, like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), can tackle the anxiety that comes with chronic insomnia. Some meds can help too, but it’s important to treat any underlying issues causing the insomnia if possible.

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Hello, I did have issues with sleep, and I overcame them by cutting down screen exposure before bed, sticking to a regular sleep schedule, inculcating a relaxing bedtime routine, and beautifying my bedroom to ensure utmost comfort. Also, I skipped taking coffee and made myself active by exercising regularly. I hope this helps others reading this.

Hello JanVi

Thanks for sharing your awesome tips for getting better sleep! Cutting down on screen time before bed, sticking to a consistent sleep schedule, creating a relaxing bedtime routine, and making sure your sleep space is comfy are all great ideas. Plus, avoiding stuff like coffee and staying active with exercise can really help too. Your advice could totally help others struggling with sleep, so let’s keep cheering each other on to prioritize those Zzzs!