How Is Turner Syndrome Treated?

As turner syndrome is a chromosomal disorder, this condition does not have a cure. But there are many treatments that can help.

  • Growth Hormone - either alone or with hormone treatment, it may improve growth and increase an adult’s height into a normal range if treatment is started earlier.
  • Estrogen Replacement Therapy - this treatment has to be started when girls reach 12 or 13 years old to stimulate the development of secondary sexual characteristics (breast development and menstrual periods). This treatment won’t reverse infertility.
  • Cardiac Surgeries - This treatment is necessary to correct specific heart defects.
  • Reproductive Technologies- this treatment helps women with Turner syndrome to become pregnant. Fertilized donor eggs are used to create embryos, which are then inserted into the uterus of the women having Turner syndrome. With the help of hormone treatment, a woman can carry a developing fetus to full term.