How to Manage Anger in Teens?

  1. Figure out what’s bugging them. Sometimes it’s not just anger, it’s other stuff like hunger or stress. Take a second to analyze their feelings.
  2. Help them by teaching them to use words wisely. Instead of blowing up, they should express themselves calmly. It’s about saying how they feel, not pointing fingers.
  3. Chilling out with relaxation techniques like meditation or yoga. They’re game-changers for calming down.
  4. Breaking a sweat! Regular exercise pumps those feel-good hormones and keeps anger at bay.
  5. Keeping a journal to track the anger patterns. It’s like detective work for their emotions.
  6. Music to the rescue! Jamming out can soothe the soul and ease that anger.
  7. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if anger’s getting the best of a person. Pros are there to lend a hand.