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Tips for Managing Cough:

  1. What home remedies have worked for you in easing cough symptoms?
  2. Do you have any lifestyle changes or habits that have helped reduce coughing episodes?
  3. Share your favorite teas, remedies, or techniques for soothing a sore throat.
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So, my mom gives my kids this hot coconut milk extract when they cough. The extracted coconut milk is heated in a pan, not boiled, and consumed on an empty stomach in the morning. If this is done for 4 days straight, it gives a relief. I have tried it too, and it works well.

Hi JanVi,
Thank you for sharing your family’s home remedy for cough relief using hot coconut milk extract. It’s heartening to hear that this method has provided relief for your children and yourself. We appreciate the sharing of personal experiences, and let’s continue to prioritize the well-being of our families with informed health choices.