Splinter Hemorrhages - Causes, Clinical Features, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Splinter hemorrhages are the small longitudinal blood clots beneath the fingernails or toenails. Read below to know more.

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My friend hurt her nail a few days back. There were reddish lines in the nail bed of her index finger which was diagnosed as splinter hemorrhages. They can also occur due to bacterial endocarditis or nail bed infection.

I heard doctors telling clinically, splinter hemorrhages in the context of infectious endocarditis may present as small, reddish-brown streaks or lines under the nails. The appearance of splinter hemorrhages can serve as a visual clue for healthcare professionals, prompting further investigation into the possible underlying infection.

My dad noticed reddish-brown streaks under his nails resembling splinters. We were worried that it might be something related to his heart condition, as he underwent stent replacement surgery a few years ago. But, fortunately, it was just an injury called splinter hemorrhage. So, this condition might result from an injury, infection, or blood vessel issues.

Yes, you are right! Splinter hemorrhages often occur due to various factors like injury, infection, or blood vessel issues, as you mentioned. Interestingly, even though they might look worrisome, most splinter hemorrhages tend to resolve on their own without specific treatment.