What Kind of Trouble Can Those Big Adenoids Cause?

When adenoids get too big, they can make it tricky for you to breathe through your nose, so you end up breathing mostly through your mouth. This can lead to a dry mouth, bad breath, and all sorts of sniffly, snore-y problems.

Recently the otolaryngologist asked my nephew to get an X-ray done for his swollen adenoids. Apparently, his ear canal has blocks too, with long-term infection it seems. I wonder what that’s about… :face_exhaling:

Hello jayshreeonline,

Thank you for sharing your concerns about your nephew’s health. Swollen adenoids and blocked ear canals can indeed be concerning, especially with long-term infection.

When a child’s adenoids get big due to infections, the doctor will ask about their symptoms and check their throat. They might use a special tube with a light called endoscope to see the adenoids or do other tests like x-rays. If it’s a bacterial infection, antibiotics may be prescribed, but for viruses, treatment focuses on easing discomfort with things like pain relievers and throat lozenges. In severe cases, the doctor might suggest removing the adenoids to prevent future infections.

And regarding the ear blocks, there are 2 complications related to adenoids,

1. Middle Ear Infection: The adenoids are hanging out at the end of the tubes connecting your ears to your throat (the Eustachian tubes), this get infected and spread the trouble up to your ears leading to middle ear infection.

2. Glue Ear: Adenoids puff up and clog those Eustachian tubes, stopping the mucous your ears make every day from draining properly. That sticky mess messes with the ear bones and messes with the hearing too.

Things are adding up… thanks for explaining…!