How to Get Good Exercise Everyday?

Getting enough exercise every week can be difficult especially when a person is new to exercise or has a busy schedule. There are several ways to incorporate exercise throughout the day to meet the goals.

  • Try to Change the Commute - A person can try to do jogging, biking or walking to workout if possible.
  • Do Small Bursts of Exercise - Opting for three ten minute workouts throughout the day might be better when a person does not have time to do one 30 minute session.
  • Invite Friends and Family - Ask your loved ones to do bowling, hiking or swimming along with you.
  • Make Workouts Fun - Try doing new exercises and stick to the one which you enjoy.
  • Schedule Your Workouts - Set calendar reminders for daily workouts to ensure that you always have time for workout.
  • Take Steps - Climb stairs even on escalators whenever possible.
  • Try Club Sports - Make exercise a hobby and possibly meet new people by joining a recreational basketball or soccer ball or soft ball team.
  • Wake Up Early - Set an alarm 30 minutes earlier in the morning to add exercise in your morning routine.